Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Good and Bad News on the Heroin Front

Prior to the heroin epidemic, only paramedic level professionals were allowed to administer a powerful drug with the brand name Narcan.  Narcan reverses the effects of heroin in overdose situations.  When a person overdoses, their breathing slows and decreases steadily until it stops.  Eventually the heart stops beating.  Narcan reverses this and quickly brings a person back to normal breathing.

This year in the state of New Hampshire 870 patients received Narcan.  That is a large number of lives saved.  With the epidemic, the drug was allowed to be administered by EMT basic level professionals making the drug available to an additional 1400 responders state wide.

The bad news is that in the United States and New Hampshire, drug overdoses have surpassed deaths caused by car crashes in the 20 year old to 64 year old age ranges.  Last year our state lost 78 people to heroin.  The year before we lost 38.  This year those numbers have climbed to 148 confirmed over-dose deaths.  104 of those overdose deaths were from heroin.  58 additional deaths are suspected to be drug related but have not been confirmed through blood testing yet.

So the good news is Public Safety Responders appear to be saving more folks however we are losing to many lives to this deadly drug.

Heroin addiction is a medical problem.  It is a tough habit to kick.  Over my years in law enforcement, I have met many addicts.  They are normal people who come from normal families.  Addicts can be found in every occupation.  The only one who can help an addict is the addict himself or herself.  Treatment will only work when they want it to work.  It is a fight and battle that they have to fight themselves.

Heroin is present in our community as well as every other community.  Turning a blind eye and living in a glass bubble won't make it go away.  The good news here is you are not alone and there is help out there.

Here is a comprehensive guide of where you or a loved one can go for help.  It is provided by the folks at OneVoice.

Sometimes an addict has to reach a low to get help.  Our courts are designed to help those who have addiction.  If your loved one won't seek help on their own, law enforcement may also offer you some resources by getting your loved one into the system.  Most times, folks are offered treatment and if they complete the program, they leave the system with no record.

You can call and speak to us about your problem.  We will do the best we can to help you.  You can also leave anonymous tips using our mobile app.  The life you save may be your loved one.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A severe weather alert has been posted state wide Click or copy and paste the link into your browser for details.

Our Social Media Programs and Welcome!

During the last two weeks, we had fifty new users join our Social Media Programs.  To all Welcome and we hope you find our programs informative.

We had two critical events during the last two weeks where our social media played important roles.  The first was the State Wide failure of police emergency phone lines.  All direct police and fire department phone lines went down.  Normally if this occurs, voicemail messages left are redirected to email accounts so we get the information.  This was not  working as well.  Folks dialing the police emergency number would find their calls failed.  Dispatch was operating on cellphones and all incoming and outgoing lines were out.  The  911 center was receiving calls. They forwarded 911 calls to Dispatch via the state computer and that information was relayed to police and fire via radio.  Dispatch did an outstanding job  making the best out of a crisis.

On the local level, our Town Emergency Management Department was notified.  A decision was made to open a walk in center at the Fire Department Office.  This put EMS, Fire and Police in one spot where people could go if communications failed.  We notified the public via our social media and was able to get the word out on how to reach us if all else failed.  Pre-Social Media, this would not be possible.

The second crisis that we monitored locally was a suspicious package located at one of our schools in Farminton.  School Officials and Public Safety Officials in Farmington made the right decision to treat it as a threat and put the safety of our children first.  Middleton has a little less than 300 students who attend the Farmington School System.
Behind the scenes, the Middleton Police Departmartment notified our local emergency management.

 We were aware that the bomb squad from NH State Police were in Portmouth and had a fairly quick response time.  We were in communication with Farmington Police via Text messages and were well aware of what steps were taken to make sure the children were safe.

We also monitored some of the social media sites.  Word started to get out about the incident which no doubt could cause rightful panic and worries from parents such as myself.  At this point a social media post was put out by us and a phone call placed by the SAU to alleviate fears of the public and decrease public panic.

We take our social media very serious and have used a multitude of programs to reach the public.  As we have new folks join us, we like to stress the importance of joining us and following us.  Keep in mind that during a crisis we are all hands on deck.  There is a ton of work going on behind the scenes.  Our priority is to get information out.  We may not have time to answer questions like why did this happen or was anyone hurt during a crash.  Our goal is to alert you to an issue so you can avoid it or to provide you with timely instruction during and emergency.  We will do our best to communicate in a two way fashion by answering important questions when we can.

Middleton Police uses several social media platforms and most are monitored by our Partners in the press so when something is real bad, they take our accurate information and put it out in the form of alerts and breaking news.  Because they get the information from us, that information is trustworthy and accurate and reaches the folks who do not use a computer or social media.

We also have a State reverse 911 system that in cases of a missing child or evacuation we can reach folks by phone with a recorded message.  All landlines are already registered however if you use a cellphone, you should register here:  You  can also register your cellphone  if you use a house phone so you receive alerts when you are away or at work.

The town of Middleton has a new webpage.  The address is   The police page located here receives our Blog as we publish them:  You will see the blog on the right side of the page.  This is a good way to keep up if you do not use social media

Our Twitter Account is @Middleton Police.  If you use Twitter you can follow us and have the program send an alert to your phone when we post.

Our Facebook Account is  give us a follow and set your account to receive notifications.

Your reading our blog  but in case it was forwarded from another place, the Middleton Police Blog is here:  Here you will find all our press releases and important articles.

Next we have our own YouTube Channel where we can upload videos.  Most right now are of our K-9 Program.  You can find these here:

Finally we have our mobile app which allows you to receive emergency notifications.  If there is a crisis, you phone will have an alert on the front to launch.  As long as you allow push notifications, you will receive them as soon as we release critical information.  You can download our mobile apps here:



Our mobile app allows one click calling to 911, Dispatch or the Station.  There is turn by turn directions to area police departments as well as email capailities and all our social media in one spot.  You can send us tips and crime photos as well.  We do not use any of our social media or mobile apps for tracking purposes and do not have that capability in the programs.  The programs are used to get the word out when we need to.

So a little long winded on a hot Saturday but it is important during a crisis to reach you and keep you informed with real time accurate information.  If you have not joined our social media or know folks who are not following please help by sharing this information.

Friday, August 22, 2014

We Need Your Help

There is certain events and people in an officer's life who you will never forget.  They tear a hole in your heart and leave a void that will never be filled.

This story is about Chelsea.

Chelsea was a kind, active child.  During her Jr. high school years, she began to experience a twitch.  Doctors could not determine what was causing it.  In the year 2012, Chelsea began to experience seizures.  
She was diagnosed with Lafora Disease. a fatal seizure disorder which progressively gets worse.

Chelsea has died at the young age of 18.  A life taken much to young.  Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to this family.  I cannot imagine the pain that comes with the loss of a child.  

The Middleton police association would like to help this family through this tragic event.  Would you please consider helping?  While we will never be able to remove the pain, we may be able to help remove a financial burden which comes with any death.  The Best thing that I could describe about our community is the warming generosity that comes from our Town when someone is in crisis?

Would you please consider going without that coffee on the way to work or maybe you don't need that sub for lunch and donate it to our Chelsea fund?  With 1800 folks in town and our summer residents as well as our community neighbors, I think we can make this happen.

The Middleton Police Association is accepting donations at the police department.  You can drop off a check or cash in any size.  No donation is to small and greatly appreciated.  Please mark the envelope Chelsea fund if you are giving cash or write a memo on a check that this is for Chelsea.

All checks should be made out to the Middleton Police Association and 100% of this money will go to the family.  You can also drop a donation at the Town Hall if no one is available at the Police Station.

Finally checks can be mailed to:

Middleton Police Association
Chelsea Fund
182 Kings Highway
Middleton NH 03887

Please help us share this message on all your social media.  Thanks for your kind generosity, thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minor Injury in Middleton Crash

On 08-16-2014 at approximately 8:00 a.m.  Members of the Middleton Police and Fire and Rescue as well as the Wakefield Police and Fire Departments responded to the area of 77 Route 153 for a reported motor vehicle collision.

Preliminary findings indicate that a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee left the paved portion of Route 153 and struck a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe which was parked off the roadway.  The force of the collision sent the Tahoe into the porch area of the residence.

The operator was identified as 16 year old:

Samuel T Bonefant
69 Durgin Road
Tuftonboro, N.H.

He was transported by private vehicle to the hospital for precautionary evaluation.  
His brother, Lucas Bonenfant, Age 18 was transported to Frisbie Memorial Hospital by ambulance for non-life threatening injuries.

While the investigation remains under investigation, alcohol and drugs do not appear to  play a role in the causation of the collision.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Middleton Police and One Voice

We recently announced the formation of the Strafford County Drug Unit which is a regional team of law enforcement consisting of Federal, State, County and local law enforcement who's goal is to combine resources and collectively enforce the narcotic laws.  

Outside of our enforcement duties, we also have a social responsibility to help prevent and get folks help when dealing with substance abuse.  We are also seeing many folks with mental health issues also may have narcotic related problems.  Mental Health issues and drug and alcohol issues have for a long time had a negative stigma attached to them.  

I want to start out this blog by saying that you are not alone.  Doctors, teachers, police officers firefighters, lawyers and prominent members of the community and their family members have suffered from substance abuse and mental health illness.  Both these problems are medical issues and can hit anyone.  The longer you wait to seek help, the harder some problems may be to solve.  

In our schools on an annual basis, a risk survey is conducted.  The numbers we received in the area of risky behavior, suicide thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse were off the charts.  I have previously said that these numbers concern me as a parent and a police officer. They should scare you as well.

This risky behavior has led us to become actively involved in One Voice.  Here is the mission statement and vision of One Voice:  ONE Voice for Strafford County is committed to creating a collaborative proactive environment that supports and sustains the 13 Strafford County  communities' health and vitality through enhancing alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resources.

Their Vision:   The ONE Voice Regional Network envisions an alliance of communities that are well equipped to overcome and diminish substance abuse. Through our joint efforts; communities will be engaged in partnerships to use resources efficiently and implement programs that that are scientifically proven to be successful.

One Voice has a webpage here: and you can also follow them on Facebook:  They are also located on Twitter here:

One Voice is made up of community partners with a wide diversification of talent.  You can see the steering committee here:

One of the biggest resources One Voice Provides is a resource guide of where to get help.  This guides shows what facilities treat substance abuse, the insurance taken and age that they deal with.  The guide is continually updates.  You can check the guide here:  

We will continue to seek outreach from this group as it has a ton of treatment resources to provide us that will help our community.  As resources and events become available we will update you here.

In closing, More than 20 percent of high school students have used prescription drugs in their life without a doctor’s prescription.  These same children are at risk of graduating to heroin if the prescription drugs are not available and they are addicted.  The police department and schools can't solve this problem alone.  We need your help.  If you have a family member with a substance abuse problem, please reach out to us and we will provide you with all the resources we can.  If we don't have an answer, we will do the best we can to find you one.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Missing Cat

Have You Seen Sully?

A Farmington Resident contacted us and requested we post a photo of her missing cat "Sully"

Sully has been missing 10 days now and was last seen in the Main Street, Farmington Area.  Folks from town have contacted the owner and stated they may have seen him in the New Durham Road Area.

If you see Sully, please contact the police department.  We have the owner's information and will contact them if located.

Thanks for the help and please Share and bring Sully Home !