Thursday, January 28, 2016

Press Release on Silver Street Incident

On today's date at approximately 5:48 P.M. Middleton Police were dispatched to the 200 area of Silver Street for a reported disturbance with shots fired.  Due to the nature of the call, Milton and Farmington Police were immediately dispatched and Middleton EMS was put on stand by.

Upon arriving at scene, Police units confirmed by speaking with two separate residences that a single vehicle entered a driveway from Silver Street.  There was a heated exchange of words and what both witnesses describe as a single shot fired.

Upon examining the scene, police located fresh footprints leading to a wooded area.  The NH State Police was contacted and responded with a K-9 and multiple units.

We did locate forensic evidence at the scene which may assist us in locating a suspect.

Upon searching the area, police learned through the use of the K-9 and a thermal imaging unit provided by the Fire Department that the person had left the wooded area.

A State of New Hampshire reverse 911 call was placed to a 5 mile area until such point that we confirmed that an armed person was not in the wooded area.  At approximately 8:40 P.M. that reverse 911 call was cleared.

We are looking for an older model gray  Mitsubishi with an unknown registration.  The last known direction of travel was down Silver Street in the direction of Farmington.    Anyone having any information is requested to contact Middleton Police at 473-8548.

We would like to thank that public for their cooperation and patience during this incident.  We will update additional information as we receive it.  We are still in the early preliminary stages of this investigation.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Changes Posted to Middleton Police App

You may have received a notice on your Middleton Police App to update.  When you downlaod the app you may not see many changes.  This is because many of the changes were code changes to keep up with the ever changing code of Google and Apple as well as the vast amount of devices that hit the street.

A huge change is on the server side and how we manage content delivery.  The servers have been increased and the content deliver has been perfected so that your mobile app runs smoother and quicker.

Our biggest change is something that I am proud off.  Who likes to be bothered?  Most of us don't.

I added the ability to choose what information you want to receive in our Alerts section.  If you want to receive all our alerts, do nothing.  If you think there are to many, you can choose from a list that we created.  Check back often as the list may change.  Here is how you do it.

When you open the app you will see the following screen:

The folder third to the right is marked Alerts.  This is where all your alerts are stored.  When we issue an alert, you will receive a sound and a notification on your device.

To select your type of alerts, open the Alert folder by tapping it.

Once open you will now see a screen that looks like this:

In the top right corner, you will now see a settings button.  You can click on that button and it will open a set of alert types that we normally send out.  It looks like this:

The sliding button are defaulted to be on meaning you will receive all alerts.  To turn off a type of alert, simply check on the right slider button to turn it off.

When a button is turned off, it will look like this:

Notice that the second button from the botton, marked Weather related alerts is grayed out, meaning it is turned off.  You can turn these on and off as many times as you like, just remember to use the Save button after you are done.

If you turn off an alert, it will still be stored in the Alert folder on your device.  What you won't get is a noise and visual alert on your phone.

What are alerts?  Alerts are push notifications that we send to users of our Mobile App.  A push notification can be as simple as a quick text message, "  Silver Street is closed due to an accident, please avoid the area"  An alert can be tied to a web page such as this blog, if we need to provide extensive information such as a missing child, a wanted person or a press release.  We can also link you to a tab on the device such as the facebook tab.  We can also push out a flier such as a missing, wanted person or a lost animal.

Push Notifications can be sent to everyone.  Typically this is done in an emergency.  All Users will receive Emergency Notifications.  These will not and cannot be turned off.   We can also set notifications by neighborhoods.  For instance if the Highway Crew is working on your road, we can send notifications within 5 miles of the road.

We can also send notifications that you receive when you enter an area.  This can be done at events with safety information or in an area where we are searching for a missing person.  An example of this would be if we were looking for a lost child in a 5 mile area.  We would send the notification to everyone.  We would also set up a Geo-Coded message so that when someone enters that area, they get a pop up reminder to keep their eyes open.

I will end the changes here.  There are more in the server side that added in to the app to assist us in our emergency planning.  As I roll those out, we will do more articles such as this one.

I want to be clear to our users, that this mobile app has no tracking ability.  If anyone has concerns, see me and I will log into the server side and show you exactly what we can't see.

In the permission folder, the app notices you that we use GPS data.  This is to send messages to neighborhoods or for you to receive messages when you enter an area.  Don't believe it, come take a look.  Would be happy to show it and am proud of the technology.  The mobile app has been provided to the Community at no cost to the Taxpayer.

If you are new to our social media and do not have the app, it can be downloaded here:

Apple Iphone and Ipad 

Google Android Phones:

I often speak to folks and ask them if they have the app.  Often times I hear, no I follow the facebook page.  While it is great that you are following us, we can't control when that information comes up on your page.  With our App we can be certain that you receive our information in two seconds.  Once I push send, your device beeps with the message.

I hope you enjoy the APP.  I am always open to change and ideas.  You can email me at or stop by and chat when I am working.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Effingham Resident Arrested for Transporting Drugs

On 01/01/2016 members of the Middleton Police Department were conducting routine motor vehicle enforcement in the area of the Town Beach on Route 153.

As a result of a motor vehicle stop:

Curtis W White (Age 28)
594 TownHouse Road
Effingham, NH

was arrested on a charge of Transporting Drugs in a motor vehicle.  The drugs seized was marijuana and the quantity seized was consistent with personal use.

Transporting Drugs in a motor vehicle is a Class B Misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to 
$1200.00 and a license suspension of 60 Days.

He was released on $1000.00 with an arraignment date of 01/19/2-16 at 8:00 a.m. in the 7th Circuit Court Rochester.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Maine resident arrested on 2002 Warrant for Failure to Appear

On 12/31/2015 at approximately 5:30 P.M. Middleton Police responded to the area of Pinkham Road for a Motor Vehicle Complaint.

During the investigation, members of the police department learned that there was an active arrest warrant in effect for a passenger in a motor vehicle police stopped.  The arrest warrant was for a Failure to Appear on a DUI charge back in 2002.  The warrant was issued out of the 7th Circuit Court in Rochester.  The court set a $250.00 Cash Bail on the warrant.

As a result of the warrant:

James D Ferrick (Age 46)
16 Trainor Road
Lebanon Maine

was arrested.  He was processed at the Middleton Police Department and released on $250.00 Cash Bail with an arraignment date of 2/2/16 at 8:00 a.m. in the 7th Circuit Court Rochester. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Community Alert: Richard Penney Update Arrest Notification

On today's date at approximately 1:00 P.M. members of the Middleton Police Department arrested:

Richard J. Penney (Age 38)
Transitional Housing
County Farm Road
Dover, NH 

for the offenses of:

Criminal Threatening with a Firearm
Theft of a Firearm X2
Armed Robbery

These offenses occurred in January of 2013 and ultimately were filed in the Strafford County Superior Court.  A competency Hearing was held in the Superior Court and the court dismissed all the felony charges without prejudice.

The State received new information regarding the competency of Mr. Penney and with the consent and partnership of the County Attorney's Office, those charges were refiled before the court today.

Tom Velardi, the Strafford County Attorney made a compelling argument asking the court to hold Mr. Penney on $500,000 Cash Bail.  Defense countered that Mr. Penney was under the supervision of the Strafford County Community Corrections Program and should be released on PR Bail.  The judge ordered that Mr. Penney be held on $25,000.00 Cash Bail but will allow that to convert to a PR Bail if he is found suitable for supervision by the Strafford County Community Corrections Department.

The Strafford County Community Corrections is a division of the County which employs civilian unarmed employees to supervise candidates acceptable to the program.  They have no police authority and do not do home visits of their clients.  The program was formed as a cost savings program for the County for non-violent offenders.  Since that time, it has been common practice to accept violent offenders.  The Middleton Police has expressed our concerns for the protection of the Community to the Strafford County Commissioners on these matters. We strongly believe that violent offenders should not be released into the community and supervised by civilian unarmed employees with no law enforcement authority. 

Mr. Penney was transported to the Strafford County Corrections Department in Dover, New Hampshire on the cash bail.  We await notification on whether or not he is an acceptable candidate by the Community Corrections Program.  If a release is granted, we will make the notifications to the community.

Also today, a trial was scheduled in the 7th Circuit Court on two charges of Stalking which alleged that Mr. Penney contacted his brother by phone when a Superior Court Order prohibited that contact. The Defense filed a motion to dismiss based on a 3JX Supreme Court ruling which basically states that a Defendant cannot violate a bail condition when he is incarcerated and prior to the bail taking effect.  The Honorable Judge Susan Ashley granted that motion to dismiss.  While we highly respect the court's ruling, we disagree that the facts in this case mirror the non binding decision of the Supreme Court.  A decision to appeal the dismissal rests with the Office of the Strafford County Attorney and the Attorney General who handles Supreme Court Appeals.

Additional information will be released when we receive it. 

A probable cause hearing has been set in the 7th Circuit Court Rochester on the new charges before the court in January.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wakefield Resident charged with Possession of Drugs in a Motor Vehicle

On 12/26/2015 at approximately 7:30 PM  members of the Middleton Police were conducting routine motor vehicle enforcement on Route 153 in the area of the Town Beach.  The on duty officer observed a motor vehicle travelling towards town at a high rate of speed and following a car to closely.

The officer conducted a motor vehicle stop and based on observations arrested:

Zachary Judd (Age 22)
139 Wakefield Road
Union, NH

on a charge of transporting drugs in a motor vehicle, a Class B Misdemeanor punishable up to a one thousand two hundred dollar fine and a minimum license suspension of 60 day.

His vehicle was towed from the scene. 

Mr. Judd was released on $2500 PR Bail with an arraignment date of January 05 2016 at 8:00 a.m.

The drug involved was marijuana and consistent with a quantity of personal use.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Non-Life Threatening Injuries in Morning Crash

On today's date at approximately 5:17 a.m. members of the Middleton Police, Fire and Ambulance responded to the area of 233 Silver Street for a motor vehicle collision involving a single vehicle into a tree.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a 1990 Chevy 1500 operated by:

Stephen Joy ( Age 19)
50 LakeShore Drive
Middleton, NH 03887

was driving north on Silver Street towards LakeShore Drive.  The pickup truck left the roadway during which it struck a dry fire hydrant.  

The truck accelerated in an attempt to correct itself, crossing the roadway and striking the tree.  The truck is believed to be a total loss.  

Speed and alcohol are not factors in the collision.  The operator was transported by Middleton Ambulance to Frisbie Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening Injuries. 

Middleton Police were assisted at scene by Milton Police. No charges are being filed at this time. 

The roadway was closed for approximately 30 minutes.